It is not impossible to imagine the 21th century without youtube. Here are the Top 5 of the African female Youtuber from Germany you have to know and where you can get modish inspiration from, get entertained or receive some beauty tips.

  1. Around 36.590 subscribers are on Ashley’s channel. Her successful videos are not just about hair and hairstyle but concern also columns like beauty, fashion and decoration. Ahsley, who has roots in Ghana, seems friendly and funny in her videos. A visit on her Youtube channel is worth it.

2.  Our next female Youtuber you have to know is “littlebeautyguru“. Her correct name is Jasmine and she describes the topics of her Youtube channel as “everything what a woman’s heart needs”. She engages with beauty and plussize. This channel is not just about fashion tips but also about inspiration for make up. Altogether she has 27.810 subscribers.

3. Who should not be forgotten is Aminata Belli. She is a fashion assistant at Grazia and has solutions for everyday life situations. Especially in fashion she is always up to date and     convinces through her adorable character. As well her Instagram Account is worth seeing and fashionable inspiring. Her Youtube channel is visited by 27.791 people. What is also  really impressing is that she shares a lot of private things with her visitors. For instance there is a video how she found her father after 20 years.

4. The next channel is kind of spiritual. Joannas Essentials refers about many things but always concentrates on natural products. Either for hair or recipes. Furthermore she has an own Blog. For example on her channel you get to know how to care for your curls or tips for natural skin care.

5. Irene Asamoah has 27.387 subscribers on Youtube. Her channel is about topics like fasion, beauty and lifestyle. Especially makeup tips are convincing and inspiring. And those       who want to see more can visit her Instagram profile, where she also posts succeeded outfits.