Also this year, there will be a part of Africa in Deggendorf for three days! From 19.08.16 to 21.08.16, the African festival will be celebrated and there will be a diverse programme for young and old.

In African culture, markets play an important role as you get to know new people there and get into conversations. That is why an African bazaar is essential for this festival. Of course, there will be offered African food as well so that the visitors can discover Africa’s diversity. This year, specialities from Ethiopia and Senegal/Gambia provide a special taste experience.

But what about the music? Also this year, you can listen to the music of several artists.
On Friday (19.08.16, 6:00 – 8:00 pm) Safari Lokole will be performing. Their music is a mixture of rumba, zouk, soukous and African folklore. After that (8:00 – 10:00 pm), emotional songs by AndiDred and DiBaba are on the programme. They both share the passion for Lovers Rock, which combines elements of reggae, soul and R&B.
On Saturday evening ( 20.08.16, 8:00 – 10:00 pm), Rootz Radicals will be performing. The music of the five boys, coming from Regensburg, comprises reggae and dancehall and is melancholic and solemn as well as positive.
The festival concludes with a concert of the singer and composer Lay Mansa. He wants to give other people an understanding of Africa with his music, which combines afrobeat, soul, m’balakh, jazz, reggae and trance music.

It is known that the sense of community gets strengthened by shared activities and experiences. Therefore, the visitors do not only watch but can become active in a drum workshop which will definitely create a good mood. This is fun no matter if you are young or old.

The festival will not be boring for children neither as there are various activities including braiding, doing handicrafts, painting pictures with sand and playing.

The programme is as diverse as Africa itself. There will be a DJ as well as a breakdance and belly dance performance. Another highlight is the fashion show on Saturday afternoon (2:00 pm), which shows Bavarian dirndl made of African cloth. This diverse programme makes sure that there is something interesting for everyone and moreover admission is free.

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