The youth promotion initiative African Youth Education (AYE), which has set itself the task of promoting outstanding academic achievements within the African community in Germany, presented its annual awards  in the historic building of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, on 21 October 2017.

With the award ceremony, organized for the first time in 2011, the initiators around Desmond John Beddy want to support and motivate young people with African roots in their school career. The AYE awards highlight special success stories that serve as motivation sources and role models for the young community. “Education is our ticket to the future, tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today,” is the slogan of the AYE Awards.

Veranstalter Desmond J. Beddy © AYE


Desmond John Beddy adds that the main purpose of the project is also to raise the educational level and subsequent career prospects of African youth: “We want to increase the understanding of African youth for the importance of education in social and professional integration in Germany”, he said IT specialist Beddy, who also manages the Topafric radio station in Hamburg. “The project motivates African children and adolescents to achieve good school performance, to achieve a lot and to make a better tomorrow.”



This year’s award ceremony was marked by greetings from well-known politicians such as the Hamburg CDU regional executive Roland Heintze and inspirational motivational speeches. Rwandan-born Yvonne Uwamahoro for example, spoke about her hard way as a dental student in Germany. She is now working successfully as a dentist in Hamburg. This year’s winners included Ashraf Fousseni, Akofa Gloria Blewussi, Eric Owusu, Devrim Najet Efua Sahin, Tizita Getie Gelaye, Ikimatou Saiboulaye, Jules Nkobite, Raininatou Koura, Amanda Woekessou, Faris Awudu and Elias Awudu.

Mohamed Sajid, MoneyGram Sales & Accounts Manager


The money transfer company MoneyGram, which already awarded four African clubs in Germany this year for their commitment of € 1,000, not only financially supported the event as the main sponsor, but also offered an orientation internship at its headquarters in Frankfurt am Main for a student. Sales & Accounts Manager Mohamed Sajid comments: “As a large, multicultural company with employees from almost every country in the world, MoneyGram is just as diverse as the African communities here in Germany, and we connect people and cultures around the world with our offering. That’s why we’re making a name for ourselves as a company with social responsibility that wants to give something back to its customers. ”

Another special prize, donated by Honorary Consul of the Republic of Mali Ms. Rhensius-Krohn and worth € 500, went to the Karidiatou family.