The idea for Bino and Fino cartoon series came around 2007 because the creator Adamu Waziri, realized that there weren’t any African-produced children’s cartoon shows on TV and a lack of true African educational cartoon shows. No local cartoon showed children a reflection of themselves, their country and its history. All the cartoons shown, are foreign and have no link to Africa in anyway.


Currently, children from the African Diaspora in Germany have little choice when it comes to watching films in which they see themselves or their culture represented. Recently, the association Art of Buna e.V. Köln synchronized three episodes of the series into German.


Bino & Fino is made by EVCL, which is an animation studio based in Abuja, Nigeria.
In cooperation with Alina Mashi PR, a German-language version will be published. The recordings will take place in Cologne’s Blühmeer recording studio with Felix Sittler.



In general, the show is about a brother and sister living in a modern city in Africa. In each episode, the siblings Bino and Fino discover and learn about Africa and the world through their friend Zeena, the magical butterfly and through their own family.

The series wants to convey positive and didactic content about the African continent and its diversity. In addition, the children learn about geography, science, environment and social skills. Simply perfect for children of the African diaspora.