With MoneyGram you can deposit cash in your next MoneyGram store. If you don’t know where your closest MoneyGram store is located , you can look it up online on the store finder. Thanks to the big network in Africa, it is very easy for the recipient to pick up the money in cash at one of the approximately 30.000 MoneyGram stores. The amounf of money sent can also be directly deposited into a bank account.


If you want to send money in person, here is how it works:

  1. You don’t need a bank account. Simply go to your closest MoneyGram store or partner and take a valid ID with you. The staff member will process your sending request and give you a reference code and a receipt.
  2. The recipient can pick up the money in a MoneyGram store in their home country. You only have to tell the person the amount of money you sent and the reference code. This information is needed to receive the money. The recipient needs to show a valid ID so the disbursement takes place.

You find more information here.


Secure benefits through each transaction with MoneyGram Plus 

If you are at a store, don’t forget to ask about the current MoneyGram Plus benefits. Especially the direct MoneyGram service centers offer a great variety – at the moment transactions of MoneyGram Plus costumers are rewarded with Flixbus discount vouchers of 10% or free magazin subscriptions. And don’t forget about the MoneyGram Mega Deal chance of winning the jackpot with a total value of 100.000 €! You haven’t signed up yet? Then go for it now!