This is how comfortable, easy and fast online-money transfer is with MoneyGram

No matter if you want to help settle the household expenditures, send money for unexpected emergencies or as a present – MoneyGram transfers the money quickly to where it is urgently needed. You decide, if your friend or family member picks up the transferred money at a MoneyGram-partner’s store, receives the money on a mobile wallet, or comfortably receives the money on their bank account.


Here is how it works:

On the main page klick on the button online and proceed as follows:


Select a receiver

Tell us who you are sending to, how they want to receive the money, and how much.

Choose how to pay

You can either pay with your credit or debit card, or directly from your bank account.

Send reliably

Enter a little information about yourself so that we can verify your identity, then review and send!

Never send money to someone you don’t know.