On Saturday, the 15th October 2016, Amana e.V. and MoneyGram are hosting a gala night at Saalbau Titus Forum at the North-West-Center at Walter-Möller-Platz 2 in 60439 Frankfurt.  Stars like Abdelali Anouar, Khadija Atlas or Comedy-Star Swileh from Marokko, DJ Maghreb & Mounir Mayor  will provide for your entertainment.

German and Moroccan important personalities are invited and going be honored. Besides there will be many surprises.

First there will be an open discussion session called “Runder Tisch”. Doors are open from 2:30 p.m. and start is at 3:00 p.m. Topic is “How far is the integration of Moroccans in Germany?” The discussion is placed at Saalbau Titus Forum – Clubraum and takes two hours.

Admission to the Gala Night starts at 5:00 pm., beginning is at 7:00 pm. Entrance fee at the door 19 Euro, advance payment 15 Euro.

Evening dress is permitted.


Guests of honor:

Mister Abdelkader Rafoud
Mister Dr. Mimoun Azizi
Mister Mohammed Assila
Misses Rahmani (Baby Shoe)
Misses Soraya Moket


Guests of honor from Morocco:

Mister Prof. Lahocine Bouyakoubi – postmortem –
Misses Amina Chouaa (Journalistin 8M)
Mister El Yazami / Boussof (CCME)
Mister Prof. Abderrahmane Zahi / Abbar (Fondation Hassan II)
Mister Mannar Slimi (Prof. M5 Université)
Nadia Attia – Verein Badr / Berkane (Marokko)
Amrani Abderrahim – Verein Hmadcha (Marokko)


More guests of honor:

Mayor Feldmann – Frankfurt
Mayor Horst Schneider – Offenbach
Head of intergation department Peter Freier – Offenbach
Mister Arif Arslaner (KUBI e.V)
Mister Akil Nouredinne
Mister Ajouaj (Moschee AL Furqan Moschee Offenbach)

Film presentation Mahboub Mohamed
Reading of Prof. Sehouli (Charité Berlin)

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