A sensational sign in rough times: The German town of Monheim comps parcels of land worth 900.000€ to two muslim associations. That is how the city’s mayor Daniel Zimmermann wants to get the muslims “out off the back yards”.

The turkish-rooted community DITIB should get an area of 4.150 m² in the so called “Berliner Viertel” which has a high percentage of migrants. The community counts more than 500 people regularely at the Friday prayer.

The Morrocan community in Monheim with more than 200 members gets a 3.500 m² building-area worth 420.000€.

The 34 years old mayor, who belongs to the regional party “Peto” suggests, that the areas can only be used for a specific purpose and not be resold. A possible minaret should not be higher than 20 meters.

The project was hardly criticised by the parties CDU and SPD as “completely inappropriate”.

Both associations announced that they will sell their current buildings to invest millions for the construction of new mosques.