Alafia means ‘peace’ in the Yoruba-language. Since 15 years, that’s why the biggest Africa festival in the North of Germany is meant to be more than just a market with stands and live acts. It’s a place with an unique atmosphere, straight from the African continent that can be experienced. This year, the event will take place on 25th to 27th of August.


Concerning the growing amount of visitors throughout the last years, the festival will again take place at the opposite side of Altona’s railway station at Große Bergstraße/ Bruno- Tesch- Platz. With this big location, the festival visitors will have enough place to celebrate and enjoy the free three-day festival with more than 30 musicians and at least 50 stands that attract more than 50.000 visitors annually.


On the up-coming three festival evenings, this year’s musical journey will take us on a musical trip across the African continent.

The first evening of the 25th August will start with singer-songwriter, producer and actor Marshall Titus’ exclusive on-stage performance, beginning from 6pm. An alround-talent whose music, attitude and style totally re-define the soul music- niche. His passionate timbre and rough voice are narrating his victories as well as his losses unmistakenly inspired by real-life events. At 8pm, Alafia festival- known talent Roughhouse will present his reggae vibes to the audience. Years ago, he already performed with his Reggae-Hardrock-Crossover-Combo ‘Rhaatid’ live on the Alafia stage. Now he devoted himself entirely to Reggae and currently promotes his first EP ‘Take a look’.

The festival Saturday performances are going to start at 4pm with traditional sounds from Yakawumbu. Just listening to their tunes isn’t enough here, as the band is known for including the audience with dancing.

The aftershow party will be held at La Rosa, Wandalenweg 4. The soiree africaine will be presented by DJ Jules et autres. Star guest will be singer Zeynab Abib from Benin who will perform on the Alafia stage also earlier that day.



On all three days of the festival, visitors have the possibility to purchase traditional African and Caribbean dishes, drinks, artcraft, furniture, authentic music instruments, fashion and more. Apart from that, the coffee tent will host traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremonies as well as Ethiopian chess games called “Sentero” and other programme offers, including events for kids.

Come and experience the vivid African culture scene in Hamburg! Let yourself inspire by the lust for life and the artists’ pulsing energy! For a look at last year’s festival click here and come to this extra-ordinary event!

The festival’s opening hours:

Friday, 25th August 3-11pm

Saturday, 26th August 11am-11pm

Sunday, 27th August 12-7pm

The stage program will terminate everyday at around 11pm.


Find more information on the event here.