In the summer of 2015, the African population in Germany was the priority target group of MoneyGram. As one of the leading companies in the section of international money transfer, MoneyGram stands for a quick and reliable handling of cross-border financial-transactions. To call attention to the service of the financial service provider and to raise its level of awareness, MoneyGram relies on the in Mannheim located creative agency za:media, which specialized itself in the area of Ethno-Marketing.

IMG_6167But the campaign wasn’t meant to be a last-minute advertising effort to achieve economic aims, which one would expect from a financial service provider. Instead, MoneyGram was rather interested in creating a long-term plattform for communication and encounter.

That’s why a web portal was brought into being, which is focusing on domains like Sport, cultur and Lifestyle and which gives Africans and other interested people the chance to find new contacts by providing a Germany-wide event schedule.  With over 6500 visitations per month, the Afrika! Portal has become one of the most important information sources for Africans and Africa-interestet people in Germany within only four month.

Furthermore the Afrika! Magazine was conceptualized and is released every month in a  handy A5-format. The magazine is for free and persues the goal, to celebrate African culture in Germany and make it accessible for anyone, who is interested in it. With a monthly number of  20.000 copies, the magazine also reaches people, who have no internet access. For the period of the “Hello Africa!”-campaign, the portal, as well as the magazine, will be carried on by za:media.

Three Africa! Days formed the climax of the “Hello Afric!”-campaign and were held in Areas with a high African population: the Rhein-Main-region, Hamburg and Berlin. In the works of shaping a concept for the Africa! Days, the main challange was to consider all the different rites, traditions and cultures of the overall 55 African countries. But the love of football, music and dancing finally connected all African peoplIMG_5407e. The MoneyGram Cup, a football tournament for football teams with African players, was the highlight of the event in Wiesbaden and Hamburg. In Berlin, African Music and dances had priority. On all Africa! Days, visitors were provided with traditional African food and drinks. The Africa! Days will also take place next year to support  the cultural exchange between Africa and Gemany.

Besides the aim to strenghten MoneyGrams position as one of the top financial service providers for international money transfer, the company mainly focused on its social responsibility.  That’s why refugees from various origins were also invited to all Africa! Days, to celebrate African culture together and to leave the refugee-everyday life behind for a few hours.

All in all, this years  “Hello Africa!”- campaign was recognized by 200.000 people.