Inspired by our customers and employees

Economic prosperity, individual freedom, health, empowerment: it all starts with early education. Yet as many as 63 million school-age children lack access to vital learning tools. That’s where the MoneyGram Foundation takes action. From providing essential learning resources to offering aid during crisis, we are igniting positive change in some of the world’s hardest-to-reach communities.


We award grants to vetted, impactful organizations that provide school supplies, books, uniforms, innovative technology, educational programs and new facilities to students in the most underserved areas, and provide relief to organizations that can help in immediate times of crisis following natural disasters or catastrophic events, which often destroy entire schools and whole communities.


Empowerment through education

Our grants span the globe from New York to Columbia, Poland to Egypt, Kenya to Nepal, and India to Australia. We have built schools in Nepal following a devastating earthquake, funded the expansion of a literary program in Haiti, sponsored the expansion of an e-reader program in Ghana, and supported mobile science labs traveling throughout India. In 2015 alone, we funded after-school and educational support programs for more than 950 students and training for more than 800 teachers.


Visit our website for more Information: www.moneygramfoundation.org