MoneyGram is glad to announce the launch of a new money tranfer service which makes it possible for clients from 129 countries to send money to every bank account in Morocco. The money transfer provider set up a cooperation with the Moroccan BMCE bank to be able to supply a faster and easier access to bank accounts in Morocco. BMCE is a big commercial bank which has 1100 locations worldwide and 630 in Morocco. On the one hand up to 10.000$ can be transfered directly on an account of the BMCE bank where the amount of money will be credited into Moroccan Dirham (MAD) within minutes. On the other hand the many can also be transfer to an account of another bank which means an additional effort of only two working days. The availability of the sent money depends on the opening hours, the availability of the required systems and local regulations. The fees for a transaction can be demanded at every Money Gram store. Additionally the is an exchange rate which is set by MoneyGram itself. To send cash to a bank account in Morocco, the following information of the receiver are required: the receiver’s name, the name of the bank and the 24-digit account number. Especially clients in Morocco who wish a better comfort, students who are dependent from their relative in foreign countries as well as women whose husbands live abroad shoul benefit from the new service.