MamMaw (Modern African Man Modern African Woman) is an African fashion brand. It was founded by Shantel, who had enjoyed designing since her childhood: At the age of 7 she started sewing small cuddly toys together, until at the age of 14 she was given her own household sewing machine and was able to start designing. She taught herself how to sew on her own and designed her own clothes for carnival and other events for her friends.

MamMaw was founded in 2012 after a visit to Ghana. She told that she was so overwhelmed by the impressions from Ghana. There she learned that every Ankana print stood for a name or event and that every garment has its own meaning. She was convinced that this fashionable fascination would appeal to people all over the world. With this experience she decided to create her own stylish, modern but affordable fashion label, which she then put into practice. A childhood dream that now came true.

In the future she wants to produce not only women’s fashion but also men’s, children’s and home fashion. Her biggest unfulfilled dream is to build a fashion school for young people in Ghana and to teach them there.