The first “Rwanda day” in the Hanseatic town, Hamburg on the 14.09 was a big success, according to the assessment of all participants. Honorary consul Reinhold Robbe: “As organizers, we could not know if there even was, and how big the interest was on this subject. We are all the more surprised afterwards, about the incredibly big and positive feedback. This success not only shows us that “Rwanda” and “Hamburg” have many commonalities, but can also participate from each other. Hamburg with its many economic focuses is a downright excellent partner, for the ambitious Rwanda, whose potential in this matter has not been exhausted by far.”


At the conference, with its diverse composition of topics, it has become clear how exemplary fast and effective Rwanda could develop into a small, yet highly efficient modern state, after the genocide in 1994. Representatives of famous consultants thus certified Rwanda at the conference, with its excellent parameters, a very good perspective for the years to come. Both concerning good governance, as well as scientific capacities and social efforts, Rwanda has now seized the mantle on the African continent, economic experts explained.


The rwandan ambassador S. E. Igor Cesar thanked the cooperation partners of the event for their support. The ”Landeszentrale für politische Bildung”, the ethnological museum, the Africa association, as well as the Chamber of Industry and Commerce all would have essentially contributed to the success of the conference. It was the first public appearance of the ambassador, in Hamburg since his inauguration about a year ago. There are already several well functioning contacts between his country and the Hanseatic city. Nevertheless, the potential is enormous, the ambassador emphasized.


Some university teachers depicted their long-time experiences with rwandan partner facilities in a very plastic way. The professors expressed themselves about the increase of means for german-rwandan science projects. Experiences from past years showed, how big the benefits are for German and Rwandan students, if they could extend their knowledge and abilities in mutual projects.