They’re one of the participants of the Moneygram Africa!Community-Award.


The MoneyGram Africa! Community Award honours organisations, individuals and companies for their special commitment with a generous sponsorship from them. MoneyGram is one of the world’s leading providers of money transfers and would like to support and reward social projects in Africa and for the African community in Germany.

Titan e. V. Berlin is a sports club with 60 members in Berlin Reinickendorf: more than half of the members have African roots, asylum seekers constitute more than a third of the members, 12 are employed and 22 are students.

Gepostet von Titan e.V. Berlin am Dienstag, 18. Juli 2017


Titan e. V. has two teams in the Berliner Fußballverband in the area leisure for three years. Both teams play in the Landesliga Großfeld. One of the teams is an team with people older than 32 years.


The association needs money to finance the next season since they are planing to start an offspring team. As students and asylum seeker do not have to pay membership fee, Titan e. V. does not have much money.


The closing game of the season on the 23th of July was not just an event for sports fans but also for the whole family. In addition to the game, the association offered music, a bouncy bounce for kids and sales booths with culinary specialities from Africa.


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