Zero Deal – this is a pointless decision one is likely to regret soon, and at the same time the title of director Evans Osigwe’s latest movie.

It deals with the big “European Dream“ of many Africans – with the ideé fixe that once you have arrived in Europe, everything would turn better and easier. The title itself already makes us suspect that most of the times it is an illusion only. Zero Deal tells the stories of those who left the African continent in search of prosperity and opportunities, but whose wish of a better life in Europe resulted in pain and sorrow. Because of these new situations, they often get into conflicts with the continent they have loved so much.

As an example, the Nollywood-actress Jennifer Omole plays the young African woman Jane. She is taken in by empty promises of a travel agency and thereby loses most of her money for a visa. Once arrived in Europe, her organized and structured life begins to fall apart. Unable to find a job, she does not see any other remedy than prostitution. This experience makes her life turn 180 degrees but at the same time it reveals her extraordinary human qualities.

Producer Prince Ogugua Igwe from Real Film Productions Berlin succeeded in realizing a truly masterpiece: he connected not only locations in Nigeria and Germany, but also actors from different nations such as Spain, Great Britain, Nigeria, Berlin and Italy. The realization of the movie took two years, with the aim of portraying the actual life of Africans living in Europe. It tells authentic stories including those facets, most humans close their eyes to.

Zero Deal, the must watch movie for all Nollywood fans, will be screened in the Metropolis Kino (Kleine Theaterstrasse 10) in Hamburg on the 20th May 2017.